The Airbrush Tanning Guide

Could airbrush tanning be right for you? Do you want that special glow on your skin that comes from tanning? Do you want that look that used to be only available through sun exposure and tanning beds? Airbrush tanning is your option! Spray on tanning has become very popular in our modern day by the use of celebrities and models because it gives you that natural glow that you want without the risk. You look great and feel confident in minutes without having to spend all day at the beach or risking your life in a tanning bed! It has become the go to method of tanning in the last few years because it is quick, easy, and painless.

What is Airbrush Tanning?

Sunless tanning with an airbrush is a method of spraying on a tan that can last up to ten days. It’s popularity has grown because it can be used on special occasions when you need a quick tan or to just get rid of tan lines. It is great right before a wedding, a date, or vacation. It is also great to be in a controlled environment where you get a steady amount of solution without the exposure to radiation or UV light.

Tanning used to involve the risk of getting that painful sunburn, but not with anymore. You will never have to worry about getting burned from a spray on tan. What about allergic reactions to the sun? You will never have to worry about the sun’s harmful affects on your skin with this method of tanning.

Everyone has those hard to reach areas when it comes to tanning, but with a tan that is airbrushed you can focus in on those areas that the sun seems to miss. Some systems are able to match the solution to your skin pigment making your tanning experience all the better!


airbrush tanning

When you get an airbrushed tan it will happen in one of two ways; hand painted by an expert or in a spray tanning booth. Most of the tanning that is done is with a chemical called DHA which is a sugar based product that covers the skin. When you get an airbrush tan you are basically being painted with DHA to give you the tan you desire. It is not in a booth, but is applied by a professional technician.

After your session you will have a nice tan, but if you want a deeper tan you may want another session.  Your tanning session could be in a designated room or in a tent like the one shown here.

Why Airbrush Tanning?

This method of tanning is the healthiest option for those that want to get a great looking tan. Anyway you get a tan other than getting it airbrushed can be dangerous. The conventional methods of getting a tan are at the beach, in a tanning bed, or from being outside doing normal activities like mowing or gardening. These all expose us to harmful UV radiation which damages the skin. They damage the skin in such a way that causes you to age prematurely by giving you wrinkles. People that tan under lights are 74% more likely to develop melanoma. Also, 90% of all skin cancers come as a result of exposure to the sun.


The great thing about this type of tanning is you are not exposed to the sun and therefore you are not at risk to for skin cancer.  You can get that great tan that you want without the risk!  While you do not receive an airbrush tan from the sun you can still receive harmful rays from the sun.  It is wise to continue to use sunscreen even with your tan.

What are you waiting for? Go get that look you have always wanted!

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