What is Spray Tanning?

what is spray tanning

Getting a tan is one of the best ways to make your skin shine and look great.  Let’s be honest, having darker tanned skin will always trump the pale look. Traditionally, people have been flocking to the beach and to tanning beds to get that dark tan they have always wanted.  None of us want wrinkles all over our body from being in the sun or the risk of cancer!  The good news is there are other options!  One of those options is spray tanning.  A lot of people are choosing spraying tanning and other sunless tanning options to get that dark look that always want.  But, many are still unfamiliar with spray tanning.  So what is spray tanning? I’m glad you asked!


What is Spray Tanning?

Spray tanning traditionally happens in a stand up booth.  As you are standing in the booth a light mist is sprayed on your body.  The great thing about getting this type of tan is your skin is not exposed to harmful UV rays.  UV rays are what lead to cancer and terrible looking skin.  The ingredient that is in the mist is called dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which comes from plant sources.  The DHA causes a chemical reaction with the your skin and provides you with that brown tanned lo0k.  DHA will live your skin looking beautiful and dark without the risk of cancer or wrinkled skin.

Spray Tanning or airbrush tanning can also be done by hand with a technician.  The advantage to having a professional tan you is that they can focus in on certain hard to reach areas.

Whenever I talk to people about sunless tanning and they ask me “what is spray tanning”, I always try to encourage them to try it out.  If you love that dark look get out of the sun and into spray tanning.  If you want to look good and live a long time to then its worth a few extra bucks.  Here is a funny video from an episode of Friends that will show a little more about spray tanning!  Enjoy.


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