Is Organic Tanning Possible?

Everyone is looking for organic products from food and even dog food!  We should all want to lead healthier lives and be conscious of what we put in and on our bodies.  It is no secret that I love airbrush tanning!  I have since been thinking about is it possible to get an organic tan?  There are some great new products that have recently come out for organic tanning!  Whenever I look for organic products it is always helpful to make sure that what you are getting is in fact certified organic.  Just because something says it is natural does not mean that it is organic.  Below I have listed a few products that I have researched that show promise in the organic tanning movement.

organic tanning

Organic Tanning Products


Organic Spray Tan Solution

Norvell Organic Spray Tan Solution



If you are looking for a spray tan solution for your business or at home then Norvell makes a great looking product.  They can guarantee that this is the most natural look you will get.  It dries fast and is non-sticky. We have all probably experienced those tacky and sticky formulas that we hate.  Another plus is that it does not have an awful smell but comes with a nice raspberry almond fragrance.  It provides an even mist which helps to eliminate streaking.


Sjolie Organic Spray Tanning Solution



Sjolie has created a product that is not only organic but is 100% vegan.  Their product is fragrance free which is important if you don’t want that raspberry smell.  It cane be used any type of system.  Another plus to Sjolie’s organic tanning solution is they come with varying solutions for different tones.  You can get as dark as you want with their solution!

Both Norvell and Sjolie have pro’s and con’s depending on what you are looking for.  I don’t think you could go wrong with either one!


Organic Tanning Lotion

Mina Organics Touch of Tan Moisturizer


If you don’t have your own spray tan equipment then don’t fret!  Mina has created a great organic topical tanning lotion that has wonderful reviews!  Not only is it going to give you a darker tone, but it is a great organic moisturizer. Organic argan oil & organic macadamia nut oil will leave take your dry skin to moisture heaven!  I am impressed with the ingredients that Mina has put into their organic tanner such as; Acai, Sesame, Green Tea, and Hemp.  The added bonus is the golden look it will leave you with.  Many users have said that it is not only a great tanner but it tans you gradually.

Can you really get an organic tan?  Of course it is!  Organic tanning has come a long way over the last few years.  There are now more options to get that tan you love without the risk involved.  Send me an email if you know of any other tanning solutions that are organic and I would be glad to provide a review!



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